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"These men are so good," Reese stated. "If they streamed, they'd be able to earn money on it. But there's an NCAA coverage, so they can not do it. I feel bad for them."

Nevertheless, the magnetic draw Fortnite has on fortnite materials for sale ( student-athletes fits into a broader theme. Teams compete daily, in everything, on the field and off. It just makes sense the competition would continue, whether first in the morning, until the start of team meetings and workouts, or deep in the night.

"We are competitors," said Penn State cornerback Amani Oruwariye. "We just like to compete."

Additionally, it may be a way to decompress, particularly during the months of player-driven workouts and practices. That is"work," said Pittsburgh offensive lineman Alex Bookser. On the other hand, Fortnite provides"a different kind of juice"

"If you blow it in Fortnite, you can get ripped by everyone and nobody feels bad about it."

There's a generational gap, of course. Fortnite might be the go-to outlet for student-athletes. Trainers, meanwhile, are less enthusiastic.

"I predict a high school kid and ask,'You play that Fort Hill?' I don't even know the name of it," said Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi. "It disturbs me that people are into it. But that is the generation we are in. They'd rather do that than work"

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